At 16, a fellow Catholic friend and I attended a seminar at a Baptist church on “Back masking”.   However interesting, I was not fully taken. Seeds though, were planted that evening.
At 18, working in a restaurant by day and pursuing a musical career at night, a friend had told me how much Jesus loved me and had plans for me. There was something different about David and his fiancé. They just held hands and loved each other with their eyes. I accompanied them one evening to church. I went forward to ask Christ into my heart, but wanted “change” more than I wanted Jesus or the lifestyle that I knew would most likely accompany this. I enjoyed my worldly nature or so I thought.
By 21, I was pursuing a musical career and things were falling into place, but my personal life was a wreck. I knew if I continued to pursue, something would give. At what cost? Mat. 16:26, “for what is a man profited if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”
After much personal tragedy, some of which I created, some not, a tract came to mind. While reading, I knew God Almighty was talking about me, and to me. 
Life changed tremendously after receiving Jesus. I put aside my plans and desired His. He never pushes, but waits for full submission.  Inner peace and true joy only comes through Christ. I still must quiet my heart, be patient, and listen. I want to be exactly where God wants me to be. Please pray, and thank you for your encouragement.