Thanks for visiting my page. I’m really glad you stopped by. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out what to write here. I blog regularly on my professional site at I also write regularly for my book’s website at Ultimate SDLC and for my mobile app website at Mobile SDLC. I don’t have any problems writing professionally. I always have plenty to say. But when it comes to the personal stuff, I’m often at a loss for words.

Within my private little world you’ll find my personal salvation testimony in the story “A Stitch in Time Saves.” I became a born-again Christian in 1976 after a severe car accident left me with over 200 stitches in my face and two broken teeth. I almost died. Let me just say that God got my attention in a most unusual and dramatic way. “A Stitch in Time Saves” is a must read story which describes in graphic detail all of the events leading up to that one moment in time when my life life was forever changed. An author once contacted me and asked if she could publish it in a book she was writing. I said no because she asked for exclusive rights and I intend to publish the story myself someday.

Another article called “The Look, The Terror and The Tears” is a glimpse into an experience I had while working as a paramedic for the Jersey City Medical Center. This one is a bit on the scary side, but every word is true. I know because I lived it.

If you know anything about the Font Family, then you know we love performing. We are a family of actors, musicians and singers. One of our passions is serving the Lord together in outreach musical ministry. While we often perform either solo or as a family, we do perform with others from time to time, especially the outreach ministry of Friendship Baptist Church in Raleigh which is led by my good friend Pastor Gene Kessler. Other members of the ministry include Jeff Payne (mandolin, harmonica and vocals), Gary Johnson (bass), Tony Filidoro (guitar) and A.J. Filidoro (guitar and vocals). When we perform together, we are known as the Friends in Christ.

The following recordings were made at Sound Mind Studios which is owned by Gary Johnson. We were rehearsing for an upcoming charity event at Bethany Hills Baptist Church and these are the three songs we performed that night. The first is called “The Tree.” It is a heart warming and inspiring composition written by Gene Kessler who is singing the lead. My wife Sue is singing the lead on “Rock of Ages,” the age-old classic. And yours truly is singing the lead to my all time favorite hymn, “How Great Thou Art.”

The Tree
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Rock of Ages
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How Great Thou Art
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Recently, I appeared on a radio broadcast for Radio323. The show is called Redemption. I wrote about the experience in this post. The following is a recording of the show. It’s about 38 minutes long, but I promise, if you listen it will keep you interested.

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Finally, here is a playlist of me just messing around with my Composite Acoustics 12-string. The recordings are definietly not studio quality. I was playing around with Audacity on my home PC. I should have laid down multi-tracks, but since I never meant these for anything serious, I recorded the guitar and voice in the same session. The guitar is too loud and at times my voice is overpowered by the instrument. Maybe someday, I’ll make the time to re-record these properly.

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